0.06 Update is out!

Alright, here it is once and for all. The 0.06 update for Heart of Amethyst.

This one was a lot, lemme start by saying that. Three routes at the same time is not easy to do, especially from a writing and coding point of view. But, either way I really liked how this one turned out.

Anyway, here’s what’s new:

  • This update has over 12.000 words of script distributed among the 3 routes.
  • A new scene has been added and the three previous ones that were not finished have been completed.
  • 10 new backgrounds have been created by the talented loose stroke.
  • And last but not least, a new Game UI has been implemented on the PC and MAC versions of the game (It will take me a little bit more to accomplish this for phones, but it will happen don’t worry)

I wasn’t expecting this one to be this much work, so from now on I’ll develop one route per update. Is this a bad thing? Not at all!

This will make my job easier, the updates will come out faster and it will allow me to make each route feel as special as possible and to add more unique assets to them. In other words, the updates will now be divided among the three main characters.

With all that said, I hope you enjoy this one!


HeartOfAmethyst-0.06-pc.zip 395 MB
98 days ago
HeartOfAmethyst-0.06-mac.zip 361 MB
98 days ago
98 days ago

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SPOILERS AHEAD (Maybe... Stop reading if you don't want them) 

Yes! I've been waiting for this. But there's something I have to ask. I don't know if it happens just in the android version or not. But when Ehlly returns to the shop to see Biscotti, there appears to exist some black texts, but they're unreadable because of the background. Is that on purpose? Or we are supposed to read them too? Well that's all I have to ask. Thank you for the update :)

Hiya. Yes that's was on purpose until I noticed that People can't actually read it due to the text color. I'll fix it right away, thank you


On the contrary, thanks for the reply.

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The update was very fun. However, there's a pretty big glitch if you picked the "Throw sand in his eyes" option during the spar. Later on, Ikalis and Eduard's sprite stayed on-screen even though they were supposed to leave during Ehlly's conversation with the king. This didn't happen when I picked the other option during Ehlly's fight.
But other than that, it was a great update.

Thabk you for this, Ill see what I can do ^^

Я хочу спросить вас, как бы вы отнеслись к тому, что я перевожу новеллу на русский язык для русскоязычной пушистой фанатской базы? Смогу ли я это сделать?

Hi, I just translated this haha

if you want, please send me a private message on Discord or Twitter so we can talk it out.

Maybe I'm blind or stupid, and can not even notice your discord (Twitter is banned in Russia due to sanctions and other bullshit), or you did not indicate it^^" I will not bother you, here is my discord, as well as my telegram, we can communicate only in discord of course, just a little more comfortable in telegram, heh, anyway, here you go - discord - Auro#7399 telegram - @useless_Eric, and yes, sorry my text came to you in russian, I did not bother to check it, heh (well, the automatic translation of the page built into the Yandex browser sometimes prevents))

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Great, thank you! I'll be in contact ^^