0.04 Update is out!

Hi there everyone! I'm back with the newest update for Heart of Amethyst.

This one was supposed to be the start of Chapter two as I had said, but it ended up being a complement for chapter 1, as I didn't want to move forward in the story without addying a few more things. But, what's new?

  • The update has over 9000 words of new story and interesting choices for you to pick.
  • 1 new scene drawn by me.
  • 6 new backgrounds created by the one and only Loose Stroke.

All right! With these things out of the way and a better stablished Chapter 1. I can safely move forward to the next part of the story. Thanks a lot for your patience and I love you all.


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Good update. I like them all now.

Ah that sea chest scene was nice.

YEES THank you <3

yay update time! :D

Hi Jaden. I can't wait to read this new update but sadly I'll have to finish classes before I can. Also as soon as this went live Nero Valzer immediately posted his play.  Now I'll have to watch it. 

As long as you promise to read it 030. Kidding kidding haha Take your time.

Had enough time between classes to read through it.  

Huhh. Sheath.  Nice.