0.03 Update is out!

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Heart of Amethyst 0.03 update!

Again, I’m so sorry for taking months in creating this one. College is a pain as always and this one is HUGE! That’s great news, right?

  • This has over 12000 words of new story content and world building.
  • 3 brand-new scenes, all created by me.
  • 9 new backgrounds by the amazingly talented loose stroke.
  • Over 20 new sprites created by me.

There is no big announcement this time, as no one else joined the crew. But! There will be a big one in a few days (I’m still not sure if I’ll do it before or after Christmas, but this year for sure). So, stay tuned for that one.

With all that said, please enjoy the new update and have a wonderful time with your holidays.


HeartOfAmethyst-0.03-pc.zip 487 MB
Dec 21, 2021
HeartOfAmethyst-0.03-mac.zip 453 MB
Dec 21, 2021
heart.of.amethyst-release.apk 487 MB
Dec 21, 2021

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Pfff the teases! Also a number of typos ^^; and one of the sprite images is missing...   All that aside, this is EXACTLY what I was hoping fur!!! ^^

Found a glitch. On the last part before the demo ends where Ehlly is thinking about all the guys he met in the day, his sprites don't show up properly. Says file not found


Thanks for reporting this! Appreciate it a lot. 

iwill play this when i come back home. Thanks for making the vn . İ hope u are doin okay.